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HP fans bet on World Cup 2010

Bet a drabble -- win the pool!

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Name:World Cup betting pool for HP fans
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Welcome to the Football World Cup betting pool for HP fans!

Rules & Guidelines:

We'll try to to keep this nice and simple, promised. There will be two kinds of bets:

1. The bet on the final

This is where you bet a drabble (one single mini-ficlet of about 100 - 500 words). Means that should you fail to guess the world champion, you'll have to write a drabble for (one of) the winner(s). It will have to be HP themed, but we'll ask the winner(s) to give a wide range of characters and prompts so that everyone will be comfortable. This should be fun, not work!

To participate, go to the betting pool. Please comment there with a working email address and state that you bet a drabble. Then fill out the poll. We will only count your bet if you have committed yourself to the betting game by leaving a comment. To win your share of the pool, you don't have to get the first question ("Who will be the two finalists?") right. It's just additional fun. It's the answer to the second question ("Who will be world champion?") that counts.

You don't have to have a Dreamwidth account to play. You can participate using OpenID. There's a syndicated feed on LJ, in case you prefer to follow the community there.

You'll find the betting pool always on top of the community entries. It will close on June 11 before the first match has started.

After the final, we'll ask the winner(s) for prompts. If you have lost your bet, you'll choose a prompt and post your drabble to the community not later than August 11. (If there's more than one winner, we'll make sure that everyone gets their share. More about that later.)

2. Bets on individual matches

There will be individual bets on every single match. The poll posts will go up 72 - 48 hours before the start of the matches. One point for each correct guess. We'll accumulate the points and announce the winner(s) after the final.

The winner(s) will be awarded a banner for their profile page.

Good luck!
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